Pet Diagnostic Services

At Compassionate Care Animal Hospital in Pickerington, OH, our comprehensive pet diagnostic services encompass a range of in-house tests and advanced imaging techniques to provide prompt, precise diagnoses and personalized treatment plans for your furry companions.

cat standing on an x-ray table

Advanced Imaging Technology

We are pleased to provide digital whole-body radiography, a modern imaging method that gives your pet clear diagnostic images with the least amount of radiation exposure. Among the many advantages of digital radiography are the following:

  • Less Exposure Time: Digital radiography reduces exposure time, minimizing stress and discomfort for your pet during the imaging process.
  • Rapid Evaluation: Images are available for immediate evaluation, allowing our veterinarians to assess your pet’s condition and initiate appropriate treatment quickly.
  • Consultation with Board-Certified Radiologists: In cases where additional expertise is needed, we can send digital radiographs to board-certified radiologists for consultation. This ensures that your pet receives the highest level of diagnostic care and comprehensive treatment options.

In-House Diagnostic Testing

Our in-house laboratory is equipped to perform a variety of diagnostic tests, including:

Heartworm Disease Test

Early detection of heartworm disease is essential for effective treatment and prevention.

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) and Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) Tests

Screening for these viruses is crucial for the health of your feline friends.

Canine Parvovirus Test

Rapid diagnosis of canine parvovirus is critical for prompt treatment and containment of the disease.

Fecal Parasite Examination

Identifying and treating intestinal parasites helps ensure your pet’s gastrointestinal health.

Immediate Results with Chemistry Machine

Our in-house chemistry machine allows for immediate results, which is particularly beneficial prior to anesthesia or in cases of acute illness. This enables our veterinarians to make informed decisions quickly and tailor treatment plans to your pet’s specific needs.